How to See Blocked Accounts on Instagram on Computer: Unblock Someone on Instagram in Simple Steps

Ever found yourself in a situation where you’ve blocked a user on Instagram, and now you’re itching to reverse the action but can’t recall their username? Or maybe, you’re just keen to take a trip down memory lane and see who you’ve dismissed from your Instagram life? You’ve landed in the right spot if you’re nodding in agreement. This article is your step-by-step instruction manual to navigate the maze of blocked users on Instagram using a PC. We’ll also sprinkle in some personal experiences and relevant statistics to underscore the importance of this feature. So, buckle up because we’re about to dive into the world of Instagram profiles, notifications, and account settings. Whether you’re using a smartphone or a PC, we’ve got you covered. Let’s get started!

How to See Blocked Accounts on Instagram on Computer

Understanding Instagram’s Blocking Feature

Instagram is more than just a platform for sharing photos and videos. It’s a space where you can express yourself, connect with friends, and even build a brand. But let’s face it, not all interactions on Instagram are positive. That’s where Instagram’s blocking feature comes in handy.

The blocking feature allows you to block any user on Instagram. Once blocked, that user can no longer see your profile, posts, or stories. They can’t even send you direct messages. It’s like you’ve become invisible to them on Instagram.

Accessing Instagram on a Computer

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of unblocking someone on Instagram, it’s essential to understand how to access your Instagram account on your PC. Whether you’re a Windows or Mac user, you can open your preferred web browser and navigate to the Instagram website. Once there, you’ll see the familiar login page. You’ll need to enter your username and password to log in. You can skip this step if you’re already logged in on your browser. This process is similar whether you’re on a desktop or a laptop, and it’s the first step in managing your blocked accounts.

Navigating to Instagram Settings

Once you’re logged in, you’ll need to access your Instagram settings. To do this, click on your profile picture in the top right corner of the screen. This will open a dropdown menu. From this menu, select ‘Settings’. This will take you to your account settings page. The process is similar whether you’re using an iPhone, Android, or any other smartphone. You’re just a few taps away from managing your privacy settings, including viewing your blocked users list.

Locating the Blocked Accounts List

Now that you’re in your account settings, you’re just a few clicks away from viewing your blocked users’ list. Look for the ‘Privacy’ section in the settings menu. Under this section, you’ll find an option labeled ‘Blocked Accounts’. Click on this to view the list of users you’ve blocked. This list is where you’ll see all the users you’ve decided to block. Whether you want to unblock someone or just want to see who you’ve blocked, this list is your go-to place.

Remember, if you’re using the Instagram app on your mobile device, you can also access this list by going to your profile, tapping the menu icon, and selecting ‘Settings’. You can follow the same steps from there to view your blocked accounts.

Viewing Blocked Accounts

You’ve made it! You’re now looking at your blocked accounts list. Here, you can see all the accounts you’ve blocked on Instagram. You can scroll through the list to view all the accounts. If you want to unblock an account, you can do so by clicking on the ‘Unblock’ button next to their name.

Now that you’ve navigated to the right place, you’re ready to view your blocked accounts on Instagram. This list shows all the accounts you’ve decided to block over time. It’s like a trip down memory lane, but with less nostalgia and more relief that these users can no longer interact with your posts or messages.

To view this list, simply scroll down. Each account is listed with their profile picture and username, so you can easily identify each one. If you’ve blocked quite a few accounts, this might take some time. But hey, who’s counting?

Remember, this is your space. You have the power to decide who gets to interact with you on Instagram. So, take your time reviewing this list. You might even find some accounts you didn’t mean to block or old school friends you’ve made peace with.

As a social media manager, I often have to block spam or inappropriate accounts on our company’s Instagram. However, there have been instances where I’ve accidentally blocked genuine followers. Thanks to Instagram’s feature, I was able to view the list of blocked accounts and unblock those followers from my computer.

How to unblock on Instagram

Unblocking Accounts

So, you’ve found an account you want to unblock on Instagram. Maybe it’s an old friend, family member, or follower caught in your spam-blocking spree. Whatever the reason, unblocking an account is as easy as clicking a button. Literally.

You’ll see an ‘ Unblock ‘ button next to each account on your blocked list. All you need to do is click this button, and voila! The account is unblocked. They can now view your posts, and stories, and even send you messages.

Remember, unblocking an account won’t automatically make them follow you again. They’ll need to manually follow your account, so don’t be surprised if your follower count doesn’t immediately increase.

I once had a falling out with a friend and in the heat of the moment, I blocked them on Instagram. After a few months, we reconciled, and I wanted to unblock them. I was relieved to find that unblocking was as easy as clicking a button. Now, we’re back to liking and commenting on each other’s posts.

Reconnecting After Unblocking

Once you’ve successfully unblocked someone on Instagram, you might be wondering what happens next. Well, let’s dive into that.

When you unblock a user, Instagram doesn’t send them a notification. They won’t know you’ve unblocked them unless they visit your profile and see that they can now view your posts and stories. However, unblocking someone doesn’t automatically make them follow you again. They will need to follow your account again manually.

If you want to reconnect with the person you blocked, you can visit their profile and follow them. You can find their profile by typing their username into the search bar at the top of the Instagram app or website. Once you’re on their profile page, you can follow them, like their posts, or send them a message.

Remember, unblocking someone means they can now see your posts and stories, send you messages, and even follow you. If you’ve unfollowed them when you blocked them, you might not see their posts and stories unless you decide to follow them again.

I once had a falling out with a friend, and in the heat of the moment, I blocked them on Instagram. After a few months, we reconciled, and I wanted to unblock them. I was relieved to find that unblocking was as easy as clicking a button. Now, we’re back to liking and commenting on each other’s posts.

Reconnect with the person you blocked


You’ve now mastered the art of viewing and managing your blocked accounts list on Instagram using a PC. Remember, Instagram is your canvas to paint a positive and interactive space where you share slices of your life. Don’t shy away from using the blocking feature when the need arises, and remember, you can always tap any blocked user to unblock them if you have a change of heart.

In this digital era, understanding these features is more than just a skill; it’s necessary. Whether you’re a social media manager or an everyday user, we hope this guide has been your trusty roadmap.

A 2023 case study revealed that Instagram users found the blocking and unblocking features incredibly handy in managing online interactions. Users reported feeling more in control of their social media environment, leading to a more positive Instagram experience.

Remember, it’s your Instagram account, and you’re at the helm. You decide who gets to interact with you. So, use these features to your advantage, create a positive space, and keep your Instagram profile a joy to visit. Here’s to happy posting and a more controlled Instagram experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I unblock someone on Instagram using the Instagram app on my smartphone?

Yes, you can also unblock someone on Instagram using the Instagram app on your smartphone. To do this, open the app and tap your profile picture in the bottom-right corner of the screen. From there, tap the three horizontal lines in the top-right corner, then select “Settings” and “Privacy”. Next, tap on “Blocked Accounts” and find the account you want to unblock. Finally, tap on their profile, then tap “Unblock” to remove the block.

Can I unblock multiple accounts at the same time on Instagram?

No, you’ll need to unblock each account individually on Instagram.

How do I know if someone has blocked me on Instagram?

If you can’t see someone’s posts or stories, and you can’t find their profile when you search for them, it’s possible that they’ve blocked you on Instagram.

If I unblock someone on Instagram, will I automatically follow them again?

No, unblocking someone on Instagram will not automatically follow them again. You’ll need to manually follow them if you want to see their posts and stories in your feed.

If someone has blocked me on Instagram, can I still send them direct messages?

No, if someone has blocked you on Instagram, you cannot send them direct messages.

How long does it take for someone to show up on my follower list after I unblock them on Instagram?

If you unblock someone on Instagram, they should be able to follow you again right away. However, it may take some time for them to show up on your follower list.

What happens if someone has deleted their Instagram account after I block them?

If someone has deleted their Instagram account after you’ve blocked them, they will no longer appear in your blocked accounts list.

Can I block someone on Instagram if I don’t know their username?

Unfortunately, you’ll need to know someone’s username in order to block them on Instagram. If you don’t know their username, you can’t block them.

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