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Buy Automatic Daily Instagram Followers by selecting one of our packages below. Our affordable and efficient packages automatically deliver followers fast to your account (Note – this is not a subscription! Simply renew after 30 days to continue receiving your selected followers)

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Our team of social media experts has been managing Instagram accounts for over a decade. We want to extend our services to you!

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Our team has 25+ years of social media marketing experience to help get you results.

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1 Billion Users are active and are within you reach.


Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. DailyFollows has an incredible customer satisfaction rate of 98% (Based on of Customer Refund Requests)

Why DailyFollows?

Reaching Instagram stardom is a delicate process.  With 98% satisfaction rate, your automatic daily dose of Instagram followers will be fast and cheap, with packages for every budget and need.

What are Your Daily Followers packages?

This is a renewable package that ensures you get new followers delivered to your account every single day. Get it and we will ensure the rest gets done automatically for as long as you want it to keep repurchasing for.

How Soon Will I Start Getting Followers?

As soon as you purchase, our services will start delivering you  real followers within 1-16 minutes.

How Cheap are Daily Followers?

Our packages suit every budget and always deliver real Instagram followers to your account every single day! Quantity | Price

  • 50 | $22.00
  • 100 | $42.00
  • 200 | $80.00
  • 300 | $115.00
  • 400 | $145.00
  • 500 | $170.00

Why Should I Buy Instagram Followers?

Buying followers from DailyFollows give your profile an instant boost of popularity on Instagram!

Why Should I Buy Followers Automatically Instead of Manually?

Our automatic package of Daily Followers ensures that you get real followers delivered to your account daily, giving you a steady rise to Instagram fame! Instagram has over 1.318 billion users (April 2023), allow us to help you reach them with Automatic.

Can I Buy Daily Followers with a Credit Card?

Absolutely! We accept all major credit cards. Just sign up, and we’ll start delivering followers to your account automatically.

Can I Cancel My Package At Any Time?

Of course. It is up to you if you want to renew your package after the 30 days of service is up. You keep going as long as you're happy!

Will My Account Get Banned?

We've served thousands of customers for over a decade and never had a customer's account banned because of our services.


Direct Your Instagram to the Next Level!

Let us help you get fast success on Instagram. DailyFollows will automatically deliver your Instagram followers that genuinely love the content you post!