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  • Instagram is a leading social media platform.
  • You can solidify your presence using some easy tricks.
  • DailyFollows will give you better likes and views.

This era belongs to the upsurge of technology. There are many technologies which prove to be helpful for people around the world. One such technique is social networking. Social networking is the way of connecting to various people. It helps them enhance their social presence. They get popular in these circles and gain a lot of fame. These networking sites are also used for digital marketing. Companies promote their products and services on such pages.

1. What Is Instagram?

  • This platform was launched in 2010 in the United States of America.
  • This social networking site enables the user to share photos and stories with the people who follow them on this platform.
  • There are various ways of communicating on this platform. One can send direct messages, post images and videos, post stories which last for 24 hours and also post IGTV videos.
  • It will help you establish your presence on this platform. You can get more followers and more likes.

2. Need for Instagram Presence

  • Instagram has become the newest way of marketing. It has led to a revolution in the field of digital marketing.
  • There are many freelancers, budding entrepreneurs and even established companies are trying to get into digital marketing through Instagram.
  • One can post about their products and promote the offers they provide on their Instagram pages.
  • They can have an Instagram business account which gives them more reach to their followers.
  • The owner of the account can have information about who all viewed the posts and who all are interested in the products or services.
  • It gives more scope to the user to better the approach to their consumers. Even people with personal accounts can make their Instagram accounts more attractive.

3. Hacks To Maximize Instagram Presence

  • If having a substantial Instagram presence is so important, then, there are some tricks and hacks which can be used to make it even better.
  • Experts and Instagram researchers have come up with some handy and easy tricks.

Link your profile to other accounts and hashtags:

  • If you have a public account, your account can be found on the network of Instagram using hashtags.
  • Hashtags are some words or phrases which are preceded by ‘#’. You can use relevant hashtags– those who define you and the subject of your account.
  • Also, if you have some other Instagram pages which are of the same topic, you can mention them in the bio. It will link those pages to the main page.

Add line breaks in the bio:

  • The bio is the information of the account owner. This space contains all the data about the personality and the professional life of the account holder that he/she wants the followers to know.
  • This bio should be crisp and should not be too wordy. Too many words make it mundane and monotonous.
  • You can add line breaks so that it is readable and does not bore the reader.

Add special characters to the bio:

  • As mentioned earlier, the bio should be crisp and easily readable. That one thing which can make a bio interesting is the usage of special characters.
  • These characters showcase precisely the way you are interesting. You can state your philosophy of life or your favourites in life.
  • You can add icons, logos and other special characters which make the bio look more attractive.

Turn to a shoppable webpage:

  • Shoppable pages are one of the most significant advantages of Instagram. Instagram has these pages wherein one can add products.
  • These products can be shopped through just a click on the post. One can also add the attributes of the product they are displaying on the page.

Proven Instagram Hacks That Will Maximize Your Presence

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Instagram is a game of popularity. You can adopt some easy tricks and hacks to maximize your presence. It will promise better results for your Instagram profile.

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