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  • Instagram’s feature IGTV is helping brands and businesses to shine. However, how to use it properly is very important.
  • The steps to generate and update a vertical video for the IGTV are in this article.
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Several brands, as well as regular users, are utilizing the handy feature of Instagram, that is, te IGTV. However, some people are finding it hard to properly use it or find the perfect details and how to upload the specific type of content. The rising doubt is related to how the vertical video of IGTV is to be recorded as it looks appealing. A vertical video with high quality can, however, be challenging to execute. This blog will help you to shoot the videos compatible with the IGTV format as well as help you learn about the accurate editing software to create the vertical videos and impress your followers.

The specifications of using IGTV

  • The video format should be MP4
  • Length of the video can range from fifteen seconds to ten minutes for small accounts with less than 10000 follower
  • Whereas for larger accounts with more than 10000 followers and a verified badge can upload video summing from fifteen seconds to sixty minutes.
  • Size of the videos up to sixty minutes should be 3.6 GB while videos less than ten minutes duration add up to 650MB.
  • The orientation of the video must be portrait or vertical.
  • The aspect ratio of the video has to be 4:5 or max to max 9:16.
  • Getting the perfect aspect ratio is the most challenging job while shooting vertical videos for the IGTV as, during post-production, the videos might need to be cropped.

Shoot on Smartphone

  • Smartphones have evolved through the last few years and include an option with 16:9 aspect ratio settings.
  • A vertical video can be shot with the smartphone in an upright position to get the 9:16 aspect ratio.

Shoot on Camera

  • Rotating the camera to 90 degrees can get you a vertical shot.
  • Most DSLRs have 3:2 aspect ratio.
  • The digital cameras have 4:3 aspect ratio.
  • Rotating the camera will help get an almost close aspect ratio that needs to be further edited in post-production to match the specifications of IGTV.

Shoot in Landscape Mode and Edit in Post-Production

  • This option is complicated but can be done if executed properly.
  • Shoot a video in horizontal or landscape mode from your camera or smartphone.
  • Change the aspect ratio of the video in software like iMovie, Premiere Pro, or Filmora.
  • The framing of the video is to be mindfully done so that while editing none of the essential subjects or elements of your video do not get cropped out.
  • Avoid putting any crucial elements on either side of the video, and keep the subjects in the center.
  • Shooting on a 4K camera will help you create higher-quality videos.

Edit the Vertical video on Desktop

  • No matter what software you use, if you are a Mac user, download iMovie, and others can use OpenShot, VideoPad and Movie Maker, for free.
  • Create a new file to upload the vertical video.
  • Rotate the entire video 90 degrees to make it horizontal to avoid the black borders on the side of the video. You can do this by clicking the crop option and rotating it.
  • Edit the video with desired shots and cuts, add backgrounds, titles, transitions, etc.
  • Export the clip and save the file.
  • Open the saved clip in QuickTime. You will find an option where the video can be rotated. Turn it to vertical.
  • Upload this content and gain more followers.

Best Ways to Create and Edit The Vertical Videos for IGTV

Edit the Vertical Video on Smartphone

  • You can use dailyfollows.com to get high-quality followers, viewers and likes on your IGTV videos on Instagram.
  • Other than that, one can simply edit the video on their smartphones with an abundance of applications available.
  • For the iPhone, use iMovie mobile.
  • For androids, use Perfect Video and Google’s Photo app.
  • Use these applications by opening the portrait video and rotate 90 degrees.
  • Save the video, and you will find it in the gallery.
  • If you use iMovie, there are options available like trim, filters, the speed of the video can be slowed or increased as well as several other things.
  • Make sure that on iMovie mobile the titles will not rotate. You can use Canva as well as other different applications to make stills and include in the clip.
  • The iMovie editing is to be done horizontally, and exported and rotated on RFV app.

Thus, with the steps as mentioned above, one can easily upload Vertical videos for IGTV on their Instagram account to make it look very appealing and professional. Stunning visuals can capture the minds and entice your followers to view more of your content.

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