In the digitally connected world of 2024, Instagram has evolved beyond a simple social media platform. It now offers a robust calling feature, including the ability to make a video call or start a video chat with friends, family, or followers. The video call on Instagram, integrated seamlessly within the Instagram app, has become a go-to method for real-time visual communication.

Navigating this feature is intuitive, especially when it comes to managing your camera during a video. For many users, knowing how to turn off your camera during a call is crucial, whether it’s to protect your privacy or simply take a moment off-screen. Whether you’re using an iOS or Android device, the process involves a few simple steps, typically beginning with a tap on the video camera icon.

As you continue to use Instagram for connecting with others, understanding these functionalities, from starting a call with the call button in the top right corner of your screen to managing video call settings, becomes essential. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about Instagram’s video chat feature, including the often-asked question: “How do I disable my camera during a video call?”

How to turn off camera on Instagram video call

Understanding Instagram Video Calls

In 2024, Instagram has solidified its position as a leading social media platform, not just for sharing photos and stories but also for enabling real-time communication through its call feature. Understanding how to effectively use Instagram for video communication can enhance your experience on the platform.

The Basics of Video Calls on Instagram

The video call on Instagram is a feature that allows users to have real-time video conversations with one or multiple people. To start a video chat, you need to first ensure that you have the latest version of Instagram installed on your device, be it iOS or Android. Once you open the Instagram app, navigate to the Direct Messages section. Here, you can either continue an existing conversation or start a new one by tapping the camera icon at the top right of your desired chat.

This feature is particularly useful when you want to call someone directly from Instagram without leaving the app. It’s a seamless integration that keeps you connected with your friends and followers. The call screen appears once the call starts, displaying the video feeds of the participants.

I remember the first time I had to quickly turn off my camera during an Instagram video call. I was at my favorite café, chatting with a friend, when suddenly a group of my students walked in. As a teacher, I value my privacy outside of school, so being able to instantly disable my camera allowed me to maintain that personal space while continuing the conversation.

Key Features of Instagram Video Call

Instagram video calls are more than just a basic video chat. They offer a variety of features to enhance the user experience. For instance, you can add more friends to a call by clicking the add button in the top right of the call screen. This functionality allows you to turn a one-on-one call into a group hangout, bringing more people into the conversation.

Another significant aspect is the ability to turn off your camera during the call. By simply tapping the camera icon, you can disable your video feed. This is particularly helpful in situations where you might need to step away from the camera but still want to stay connected via audio.

Moreover, Instagram video call settings offer options like a filter and mute microphone, giving you control over your call experience. These settings can be accessed easily during the call from the screen’s interface.

This feature also includes notification settings. You can choose to receive alerts when someone is calling you on Instagram or adjust these settings to reduce interruptions.

In summary, this is a versatile tool not only for staying in touch but also for exploring creative ways of online interaction. From a quick voice call to a full-fledged video chat, Instagram offers a variety of options to stay connected with others while maintaining control over your online presence.

How to Start a Video Call on Instagram

Initiating a video call on Instagram is a straightforward process, designed to make real-time video communication accessible to all Instagram users. Whether it’s catching up with friends or having a quick business meeting, starting a video chat on Instagram can be done in just a few taps.

Steps to Initiate an Instagram Video Call

To start a call, first open your Instagram app. Navigate to the Direct Messages section, where all your conversations are listed. Here, you have two options: if you already have an ongoing conversation with the person you want to call, simply open that chat. If not, you can use the search bar at the top to find the username of the person you wish to call on Instagram.

Once you are in the chat, locate the video camera icon at the top right of the screen. Tapping on this icon will immediately send a video call notification to the person or people in the chat. It’s important to have a stable internet connection to ensure a smooth calling experience.

How to Add More Friends to Your Instagram Call

One of the unique aspects of Instagram’s call feature is the ability to add more friends to an ongoing call. This can turn a one-on-one conversation into a group hangout, making it a versatile tool for both personal and professional use.

To add someone to the call while you are in an ongoing video chat, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access the menu. Here, you will see the option to add more people. Tap this, and then select the friends you want to add to your list. You can add multiple people at once, and they will receive a notification inviting them to join the ongoing call.

This feature is especially useful when discussing a topic that suddenly requires another person’s input or when you simply want to turn a casual chat into a group catch-up. The ease of adding more participants makes Instagram’s call feature highly adaptable to various social scenarios.

In conclusion, starting a call and bringing more friends into it on Instagram is a feature that epitomizes the essence of modern social interaction. It exemplifies how social media platforms like Instagram are continuously evolving to offer more ways to stay connected in an increasingly digital world.

How to add someone to the call

Navigating Video Call Settings on Instagram

Effective use of the video call settings on Instagram can greatly enhance your video chatting experience. These settings offer you control over various aspects of your call, allowing for more personalized and comfortable interaction.

Customizing Your Instagram Video Call Experience

When engaged in a video call on Instagram, you have several options to customize your experience. For instance, you can switch between the front and rear cameras, or adjust the camera during a video to better frame your shot. Additionally, the mute microphone option is handy when you need to temporarily prevent sound from your end from being transmitted.

Another customization feature is the use of filters and effects. Instagram offers a variety of visual filters that can be applied during a call to add a fun element to your conversation. These can be accessed through the filter icon on the video call screen.

Accessibility Features in Video Call Settings

Instagram has also incorporated accessibility features into its video calling. These features are designed to make the app more inclusive, catering to users with different needs. For example, there are options for larger text and color adjustments, which can be accessed through the main settings of the Instagram app.

One of the most sought-after features in the video call settings is the ability to turn off your camera. This can be done simply by tapping the camera icon during the call. Your video feed will be replaced with your profile picture or a blank screen, but you will still be able to see the video from other participants and continue the conversation. This feature is particularly useful if you need a moment of privacy or are multitasking.

In conclusion, navigating the video call settings on Instagram is a straightforward process that significantly contributes to a user-friendly and adaptable calling experience. Whether it’s for privacy reasons or just personal preference, these settings ensure that every Instagram call can be tailored to suit individual needs, making it a versatile tool for communication in our digital age.

How to Turn Off Camera on Instagram Video Call

Turning off the camera during an Instagram video call is a simple yet important feature for users seeking privacy or needing to step away momentarily. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it, along with some troubleshooting tips.

Turning off the camera during an Instagram video call

Step-by-Step Process to Disable Camera

To disable your camera during an Instagram call, follow these steps:

  1. Start a video call: First, initiate a call by tapping on the video camera icon in the Direct Messages section of the Instagram app.
  2. Access the call settings: Once the call has started, look for the camera icon on the video call screen. This icon is typically located at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Turn off your camera: Tap on the camera icon. This action will disable your video feed, and your display will show your profile picture or a placeholder image.
  4. Resume your video: If you wish to turn your camera back on, simply tap the camera icon again.

Troubleshooting Common Issues When Disabling Camera

Sometimes, you might face issues when trying to disable the camera during a call. If the camera doesn’t turn off after tapping the icon, first ensure you have a stable internet connection. A poor connection can sometimes delay or disrupt the function of in-call features.

If the problem persists, try leaving the call and rejoining, as this can reset the call’s settings. Additionally, make sure you’re using the latest version of Instagram. Outdated versions may have bugs or lack certain features.

Remember, turning off your camera doesn’t end the call; it simply stops your video feed. You’ll still be able to talk to and hear other participants, making it a convenient feature for those moments when you need some privacy but want to stay connected.

In summary, knowing how to turn off your camera during an Instagram video call is a useful skill that enhances the flexibility and comfort of your social interactions on the platform. Whether it’s for a moment of privacy or multitasking, this feature ensures that you can control your visibility while remaining part of the conversation.

Exploring the Video Call Feature: Advanced Tips

Instagram’s video call feature is not just about making calls; it’s about exploring new ways to connect and engage. Here are some advanced tips to make the most out of your Instagram calls.

Enhancing Your Instagram Video Calls

To elevate your Instagram call, consider the following tips:

  • Use Instagram Filters: During a call, experiment with different filters for a fun and engaging experience. This is particularly enjoyable in group calls.
  • Screen Sharing: Some versions of Instagram allow screen sharing during a call. This can be useful for showing photos, browsing through Instagram feeds together, or collaborative planning.
  • Virtual Backgrounds: Similar to filters, some users can change their background during a video call, offering a creative way to enhance the visual aspect of your call.

During a video call with a potential client on Instagram, my toddler decided it was the perfect time to showcase his latest ‘artwork’ on the living room walls. I needed a moment to handle the situation without ending the call. Tapping the camera icon to turn off my video feed was a lifesaver. I could still talk through the details with the client while dealing with my little artist.

Creative Uses of the Video Call Feature on Instagram

  • Host a Virtual Meet-up: Use the group call feature to host virtual gatherings, like book clubs, game nights, or catch-ups with friends and family.
  • Conduct Live Tutorials: If you’re an influencer or content creator, use the video call feature to conduct live tutorials or Q&A sessions with your followers.
  • Networking and Collaborations: For professionals and creators, Instagram calls can be a tool for networking or collaborating on projects in real-time.

Instagram continues to evolve, offering more features and functionalities to its users. By staying updated with the latest version of the Instagram app and exploring all its features, you can fully leverage the potential of Instagram’s video and voice-calling capabilities.

Instagram's video and voice-calling capabilities


In this guide, we’ve explored the versatile and user-friendly video call feature of Instagram. From the basics of how to start a video call to advanced tips for enhancing your calling experience, Instagram offers a comprehensive platform for digital communication. Whether it’s for personal catch-ups, professional meetings, or creative collaborations, Instagram’s video call capabilities cater to a wide range of needs.

We’ve learned how to easily turn off the camera during a video call for moments of privacy, how to navigate through the various video call settings, and how to add a creative touch with filters and backgrounds. The ability to add more friends to a call and the seamless integration within the Instagram app makes it a go-to choice for staying connected in today’s fast-paced world.

As Instagram continues to evolve, it remains more than just a social media platform; it’s a bridge connecting millions of people worldwide through innovative features like video chat and voice calls. Whether you’re a seasoned Instagram user or new to the platform, mastering these features can significantly enhance your online social experience.

In conclusion, Instagram’s video call feature is a testament to how social media can adapt and grow, providing users with new ways to communicate, share, and engage with one another. As we continue to navigate through the digital age, tools like these play an essential role in keeping us connected, no matter where we are in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make voice-only calls on Instagram if I don’t want to use video?

Absolutely! Instagram allows you to make voice calls without using the video feature. To start a voice call, open the chat with the person you want to call, and click on the phone icon located at the top of the screen. This initiates a voice call, enabling you to talk without sharing video.

How do I start a video call with someone on Instagram?

To start a video call with someone on Instagram, open the chat with the person or group you want to call. Then, tap the video camera icon at the top of the chat. This will send an incoming video call notification to the person or people in the chat.

Is it possible to join a video call on Instagram without an invitation?

As of the time of writing, Instagram requires an invitation to join a video call. You can join a video call only if you have received an incoming video call notification or if someone in the call adds you to it.

Can I access Instagram’s video call feature from the app store version of Instagram?

Yes, the video call feature is available in the Instagram app downloaded from the app store. Make sure you have the latest version of the app to access all the latest features, including video and voice calls.

How do I manage participants during an Instagram video call?

During an Instagram video call, you can manage participants by tapping the bottom left of the screen to view all people on the call. From there, you can add more participants or manage existing ones. However, you won’t be able to remove participants from a call.

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