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Daily Services

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Why DailyFollows?

Why Should I Buy 1,000 Automatic Instagram Likes for $399.00?

Buying 1,000 Automatic Likes for $399 ensures that every post you make (up to x3 per day) get amazing engagement and visibility on Instagram!

Why is DailyFollows the Best Option for Auto Instagram Likes?

We offer the best packages for ensuring each post you make (up to x3 per day) gets automatic engagement from followers!

Can I Build A Different Package?

Absolutely! Our excellent customer service team can help you customize your own package specifically for your account.

Will You Need My Private Account Information?

Nope! We just need your Instagram username so we can automatically deliver your likes to any content you post (up to x3 posts per day!).

Why Buy Auto Likes?

This package of Automatic Likes ensures that every post you make (up to x3 per day) gets automatic likes. This increased your content's engagement and visibility on Instagram long-term.

Is it Easy to Buy 1,000 Likes?

Yes, just select your package and payment option. Our services will then start within 1-3 minutes and you will receive likes to your content fast!

How Can I Contact DailyFollows About Automatic Likes?

Easy! Message our dedicated customer service team, who is available 24/7, and they will be able to help you get automatic likes fast!

How Long Will it Take to Get My 1,000 Automatic Instagram Likes?

After purchase, you can expect our services to start delivering your likes directly to your content within 1-16 minutes. Our software then takes over to automatically deliver every time you post (up to x3 posts per day)!

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Why Do You Need Auto Likes?

Reaching Instagram stardom is a delicate process.  With our 98% satisfaction rate, we deliver you real Instagram likes fast and for cheap so you can reach Instagram Fame!

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