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  • Scheduling Instagram posts and planning what to post is the key to impress your followers.
  • Get a perfect feed on your Instagram with the help of this planning.
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Several creative people come together on Instagram daily to post beautiful images and posts with a lot of contexts. It is a need for the hour that artists and creators can please their followers visually, that is, to curate the best posts and maintain a theme in your Instagram account. The Instagram account is in the form of a grid that can be utilized creatively to appeal the mass. For this, several applications are available. They are called Visual Instagram Planners. Using a Visual Instagram Planner, one can easily plan their feed and creatively design their feed by arranging photos in the planner to predict how your account will look and then serially gets uploaded. These applications are usually bought or are merely available for free. Let us take a look at how we can use a Visual Instagram Planner to grow high-quality followers.

1. Use the Visual Instagram Planner from your Desktop

  • Since the Instagram feed needs to look as aesthetic and organized as possible, these visual Instagram planners are available in desktop app version too.
  • It helps you take a look at exactly how your feed will look.
  • You can easily swap a select number of images that you plan to upload to arrange them more creatively and beautifully.
  • Finding the perfect balance between the images, the colour, the theme of your feed as well as the overall look of your account will lead to an excellent Instagram account that looks flawless.

2. Easily Schedule When to Post the Images

  • The posts may be easy to organise and swap according to your desire.
  • It is now in your hands to quickly set up the time when you would like to upload your content serially on its own instead of manually.
  • Choose the ideal time of the day to post your content.
  • You can queue up all the images and choose the time you want to post.
  • Either you can post weekly according to the calendar by dragging the posts on the calendar, and it will get published.

3. Some Visual Instagram Planners split an image into grids

  • There are Visual Instagram Planners that conveniently split images into smaller grids, imitating the networks on your Instagram account.
  • Always select high definition images to implement this action.
  • No matter what the size is, you can split it into grids and arrange it as you like with other images in between to make it look very aesthetically pleasing.
  • The images individually make no sense maybe, but when seen on your Instagram account, it will mesmerize people and make them wonder how intricately you have planned your Instagram.
  • This will help you gain more and more followers as visually your content will please the viewers.
  • You can also post these images serially by setting a time.

4. Visual Instagram Planners help you to edit images as well

  • One can not only arrange and swap images but individually select the photos and edit them.
  • The filters and mood of all the images should be constant and similar. If you use different photos with different lighting and set-up, it will help to use editing features on these applications to uniformly laden them with the same theme.
  • A consistent theme and aesthetic will please your followers and other public viewers, leading them to follow you.
  • Some of these Visual Instagram Planners come with a pre-set of themes that you can utilise on all the images.

Visual Instagram Planner: Meet Your Followers’ Expectations with the Best Planning

5. Generate appropriate hashtags for images with a Visual Instagram Planner

  • Some Visual Instagram Planners are very adept and have ample amount of feature, like the hashtags search feature.
  • It will help you find the most suitable hashtags for your post that are trending the most at the moment.
  • Select hashtags and choose a preferred date and time of upload for the image and tap ‘done.’
  • You will also be able to pre-write the caption for the posts here and plan the date and time of upload.

Thus, with an aesthetic Instagram feed, your Instagram can grow bigger.

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