Executive Summary:

  • Instagram has taken the world by a storm.
  • Stories can be beautified by using GIFs.
  • DailyFollows gets you more likes and followers.

The internet has become the newest trend in the world. Social networking has become the order of the day. It let you explore the world around you. You can meet different people and interact with them. You can get to know them better in a different light. There are various social networking sites. One of them is Instagram. It has brought about a revolution in the world.

1. More About Instagram

  • Instagram was first launched in 2010 and has emerged to be a leading social networking site.
  • It has brought the world closer. You can meet different people through this network.
  • You can follow different people, and some of them can follow you back as well. It gives you an insight into people’s lives.
  • There are billions of users of Instagram. It has formed a gigantic network which can be used to promote your products and brands.

2. What Are Instagram Stories?

  • There are various forms of feeds that you can give your Instagram profile. Some of them are posts and stories.
  • Posts are those who stay forever on your profile. There can be photos and videos that one can use here.
  • Stories are put up on Instagram, which lasts for only 24 hours. After that, Instagram itself pulls the story down.
  • Stories have a better reach than Instagram feed. More people view them. Hence, they should be made more attractive and captivating

3. What Are GIFs?

  • GIF stands for Graphical Interchange Format. They are bitmap images that were first developed in 1987.
  • They are attractive and expressive. It can be used to express your feelings, emotions and other factors adequately.
  • GIFs are animated images which one can add to the stories to enhance their appearance.

4. How to Add GIFs to Instagram Stories?

  • It is effortless to add stories to Instagram. You can create your account or post an image or video.
  • There are various ways of bettering the look of these stories using multiple components like stickers.
  • When you move to add stickers to the Instagram story, there comes a newly added option of GIFs.
  • You can select the GIF which suits your mood and aesthetics the best. You need to click on the sticker, and it gets added to the story.
  • Your story is now ready to be put up on your account. It will garner huge audiences and applause from many.

5. Hacks to Use GIFs in a Better Way

GIFs can be used to make the stories far more attractive. They can engage more viewers and help you reach out better.

Reverse and Resize the GIFs

  • The GIFs can be adjusted in various sizes and orientations. You can resize the GIFs by pinching and expanding the image using two fingers.
  • Also, reversing the GIFs can create a far better effect. It gets the person intrigued to know more about the story.
  • In addition to this, you can also enlarge the GIFs to create a beneficial effect.

Direct Your Followers Through GIFs:

  • You can add GIFs to ask the followers to do something that would better your social media presence.
  • There are various stickers like Swipe Up, Sound On and Link in Bio. It makes the viewers do something beneficial for you and your page.

Pinning the GIFs:

  • One of the most exciting ways of adding GIFs is pinning them to your story. It will make them appear just when you want them to.
  • You can pin the GIF by tapping on the screen and holding it until there comes a scrollbar. Then, hit ‘pin’ on your screen.

Unique Instagram Story Ideas That Will Boost Your Engagement

Role of DailyFollows

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Instagram stories are a great way of engaging more people. More audiences view them. It increases the reach of your Instagram page.

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