Executive Summary

  • Consistency is the Key
  • The more engaging content, the more likes.
  • Staying true to the context being relevant is the key.

Instagram is governed by consistency and engagement. The diverse range of themes available makes it a tough job to narrow down the perfect one.

These tools are what works in gaining more followers. However, there are a lot of questions that one needs to fill in before opting for any given theme.

  • The relevance of the theme with the business.
  • Selecting and editing photos for Instagram feed.
  • Choosing a particular color palette.

Themes provide a head on to an Instagram account. Thus, making it look more realistic.

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Buying a genuine set of followers ensures the aesthetic sensibilities are intact. Rather than fake bot accounts, a generic audience aids in better engagement through increased visibility.

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Once the purpose is solved, one needs to filter the Instagram themes for incorporation. Some of the best and distinctive Instagram themes are as highlighted below.

  1. Vitruvi’s Refreshing Themes
  • A platform is showcasing aromatherapy visually.
  • The inspiration is unfiltered and features everyday pictorial representations.
  • The focus is on storytelling.
  • Planning forms the basis where consistency is the key.
  1. Kelsey Simone’s Minimalistic Themes
  • Kelsey Simone strategizes on negative space pictures coupled with fillers to achieve a minimalistic feed. Choosing three significant colors to get a cohesive tone.
  • Categorizing pictures into product shots, outfit photos, selfies, or natural fillers, thus repeatedly following a rotation.
  1. Elaine Rystead’s Radiant Themes
  • Going bright and colorful.
  • Her Instagram theme is a testament to the superb shot selections, following it up with a fair bit of editing.
  • Adding in a little more detail from brightness to contrast.
  1. Jeff Mindell’s Vivid Captures
  • A lifestyle photographer who is all about creating engaging content through uplifting themes.
  • A few rules on being consistent includes following similar tones and the same point of view.
  • A touch-up with the best editing tools from SnapSeed, VSCO, Facetune to ReTouch.
  1. ShopDoen& their Vintage Glory Themes
  • Shopdoen focuses on a bohemian vibe that is informal and aesthetic. Focusing on a specific color palette putting earthy tones to fair use. Notching up 75000 followers through the seamless expression of being a lifestyle blog than a product blog.
  1. Everlane& their Unadulterated Themes
  • Visually appealing feed that is categorized by the apparel group’s motto of transparency.
  • A success story that has notched an envious following of 385000 people.
  • Photos that evoke the sensibilities of Everlane’s creations. This delves deep into highlighting why it is necessary to convey a brand’s beliefs through themes.
  1. Elizabeth Gilmore’s Creative Themes
  • Visual specifications from color palettes and compositions find prevalence in Gilmore’s themes.
  • A unique perspective aids the visual storytelling in the form of saturated color choices to light patches.
  • Aesthetically pleasing and staying true to the context leads to putting together the best feed.
  1. Relaxed Themes are top draws for Bethany Menzel.
  • Heavily reliant on pastel shades, neutral tones to lower saturations is a natural fit for the lifestyle blogger.
  • This mandates why Instagram feeds must be relevant to being an actual representation of life.
  • Consistency, originality are add-ons.
  • Lightroom photoshop edits to custom filters work wonders.
  1. Color Fading and Romantic Themes for Privacy Please
  • One has to stick to a set theme staying true to the context of the brand for becoming a hit amongst the masses.
  • This can be a style palette or a color display, occasionally splashing the feed. However, this must be consistently used, whether be it for product posts or lifestyle content.
  1. Lauren Jane’s Rotational Themes
  • This highlights the need to be considerate of achievable targets versus appreciated targets.
  • One must be able to switch things over to give Instagram feed a little pop.


The ideas must be reflective of inspiration, taking a cue from the best ideas of themes as discussed above. Staying relevant is the key to Instagram’s success.

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