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  • Instagram Slideshow posts is a great feature introduced in this platform for the businesses and the brands to share posts.
  • We will take a look at the ways of using slideshows posts on Instagram to make it creative and engaging.
  • Use Dailyfollows to get high-quality likes, views and followers.

The travel and beauty industry has lavishly utilised several features on Instagram other than the apparent high-quality content they upload for their followers. The slideshow posts on Instagram are a new addition which enables these brands to showcase their products with a story while creating fun and engaging content for viewers. Slideshow posts help you to be flexible and not spam your followers. This feature can be used to give a sneak peek of new products about to launch, demos, looks, etc. Let us look through the several ways of using the Slideshow Post feature on Instagram to make engaging and fun content for the followers.

How to Create an Instagram Slideshow Post

  • Tap the ‘+’ button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Choose the ‘album’ icon and pick ten photos or videos from your gallery.
  • Edit the photos or videos individually or add a filter to all the videos and pictures together.
  • Adding several locations is impossible. Choose one location for the entire post.
  • Change the order of photos and videos before posting by dragging one to another spot.
  • To remove a photo, press the ‘trash’ icon on top of the screen.

Create Before and After Sequences with Slideshow Posts

  • Take up to 10 photos and/or videos into the single post to show a before and after situation.
  • You can also ask viewers to spot the difference between the images or videos.
  • It is how you can promote your products that bring a change in lifestyle.

Narrate a Complex tale

  • One image may be worth a thousand words. Utilize this concept to use ten different images to narrate a story.
  • To help your viewers to delve into a story, drive them emotionally when narrating a complex story with photos, videos, and texts.
  • The caption of such posts can serve the purpose of handling the backstory. But slideshows rule out that options and can alone narrate the entire story with powerful imagery.
  • The visuals should be stunning and should captivate the viewers right up to the last image.

Post about your Events as well as Show Behind-the-Scenes

  • Instead of the regular mise-en-scene before the camera, impress your viewers with a sneak peek into the making of the stories of the events.
  • Choose slideshows as the correct platform to showcase your event. It enables a low amount of spamming with single image uploads that may not go with the vibe of the Instagram account.
  • If you post multiple times, your posts may be shown to fewer people, a penalizing method of the Instagram algorithm.

Share a Surprise Reveal

  • Viewers and followers always welcome an excellent old surprise on Instagram. Anyone is willing to get the news first and spread it.
  • A big release can be promoted with a little surprise reveal with the help of the slideshow posts.
  • Design the images creatively and post the surprise reveal of a new product.

Showcase your Products

  • It is the best feature to utilize and showcase your products.
  • For fashion brands and cosmetic brands, it the best tool to post multiple images at once and not spam users.
  • A collection can be posted quickly using the slideshow feature with beautifully captured images of products.

Demos and Tutorials can be posted on Slideshow Posts

  • A DIY blogger can opt for the slideshow feature and post the images and videos of step by step process of making something.
  • Fashion bloggers can create looks in a series for a specific type of event and promote a lookbook.
  • Several how to set up guides can be explained with simple imagery and text on image in a series of 10 pictures in slideshow posts.

Host a Giveaway or a Contest

  • A brand can post ten images to gain followers and engage the audience with slideshow posts.
  • A brand can post images of bloggers or followers using their product in 10 different ways as campaign and contest with prizes for best creativity.

Create a Roundup

  • Brands can upload images indicating a list of favourite and most popular products among users.
  • A countdown can also be shown.
  • It can simply show ten different locations to travel to like a blog.

Smart Ways to Add More Fun to Your Feed with Instagram Slideshows

Therefore, images and videos used in slideshow post can create much more impact on viewers and followers than single images uploaded serially. A business can utilise the ways as mentioned earlier to express and promote their products creatively. Dailyfollows.com is the best place to get high-quality followers, views, and likes.

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