Executive Summary

  • Instagram has several rulings for the perfect shot.
  • This features from the composition to the lighting.
  • Finally, decoding Instagram hacks for different photos.

The process of capturing a good shot with the phone is quite the task. An Instagram feed with the perfect of photos makes people go wow. Thus, resulting in garnering more followers.

This article jots down the best capturing and editing methods for photos, all from the convenience of a phone.

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The below ways listed gives a peek into the same.

  1. Setting the Phone Up

Making the camera work on your phone to take the best Instagram photos lists down two vital steps.

  1. Under-Exposing Shots

Mobile phones often work in over-highlighting, leading pictures to blow out of proportion. The key is to under-expose photos that can be brightened according to suitability.

  1. Turning Off HDR

Pictures tend to look unreal and overdone. This is due to the high-dynamic-range functioning of phones that make it nearly impossible to get the right photo.

  1. Capturing Shots

Capturing shots have two main constituents. Composition & Lighting. The correct combination aids in curating the specialized photo of which you can’t get enough.

  1. Composition

Composition focuses on one significant aspect of directing the viewers to a specific subject. This is done while capturing a story or filling in emotion for the photo. Instagram worthy photos have certain earmarking’s mentioned below.

  • Rule of Thirds

An essential rule for photography enthusiasts is the rule of thirds. One that draws out guidelines and intersection points for an image to flow.

  • Creating a Signature

Instagram’s success is dictated by uniqueness. This must be reflective of the kind of content on the page overall. The process entails not only detailing each post but detailing the Instagram feed as a whole.

  • Palette Selection

Sticking to a particular color and style palette ensures in creating a feed that is a denominator of perspectives. The subtle the color palette, the better the Instagram feed works.

  1. Lighting

Photos that are over-exposed or turn out dark tend to be mood-spoilers. Hence there are specific points to be kept in mind while shooting.

  • Natural Lighting

Photos turn out great within natural light settings. Shooting indoors can be a pain. But finding the right spot creates the perfect photo. This mandate is sitting next to a window or far away from artificial light sources.

  • Finding the perfect time to shoot

Photos clicked during the wee hours of the morning or sunset result in the generation of shadows and contrasts. In comparison, the perfect Instagram photo desires perfect light settings. One can avail the golden hour to give the subjects the perfect backdrop for photos.

  • Cloudy Vs. Sunny

The cloudier, the better. Cloudy weather is the ideal weather for photos since it brings a multitude of editing options during the post-production phase.

Decoding Some Instagram Photo Hacks

  • Foodie Flatlays

The best food shots focus on three necessary rulings:

  1. Finding a photogenic spot – A textured backdrop works wonders. Wooden tables, marble slabs, or finding a natural light setting ensures the best captures.
  2. Editing Techniques – Increasing the exposure levels, contrast, and sharpness add life to food photos.
  3. Color Fading – Color fading creates Instagram worthy photos.
  • Bloggers & Wall-Backdrops

The best wall arts lead to the coolest of Instagram photos. The best way to highlight the same by:

  1. Centre the focus – A center frame is a big hit.
  2. Increasing Saturation – Playing around with editing leads to the perfect color pop.
  • Avid Traveller & Killer Instagram Pics
  1. Expansive Backdrop – Immersing in the big wide world, especially during golden hours.
  2. Focal Point – Focus on being the little human from a distance.


Clicking the perfect shot does not get the job done. There are variable photo editing tools that add to the charm in creating Instagram drool-worthy photos. Scaling down on intensifying the edits.

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