Executive Summary

  • No single strategy works best.
  • Consistency Overrules Frequency.
  • Quality content and sticking to basics increases engagement.

Instagram likes are synonymous with posting frequency. The Instagram algorithm is a debated topic that has a wide effect on the posting schedules. Hence it becomes all the more important to know how often to post on Instagram.

The shelf-life of Instagram posts, which earlier was limited to 72 minutes, has got an extension. This explains why a post not visible initially spams your followers feeds even 2 to 3 days later.

Evaluating the decline in organic reach and engagement is essential to beat the Instagram algorithm.

A few of the ways have been listed down below that busts some myths associated with Instagram Posting-Frequency:

Higher the Frequency Higher the Engagement

The Instagram statistics have reached new heights, with individuals posting more than 30 times in a single day.

Decoding the Best Strategy

  • There is no single strategy that works best.
  • Instagram’s marketing strategy is heavily reliant on the time dedicated to each post.
  • That is based on what the followers like.

Taking the cue from Fashion Nova, an iconic fashion brand that schedules posts every half an hour. Notching up 10.8 million followers and the performance chart states the brand to be averaging around 13.7k likes and around 90 comments per post.

Reach can be organic as well as be bought. The faster way to churning up a hefty number of followers amassing real-time peak is through buying the followers from https://dailyfollows.com/instagram-followers/instant-cheap-followers/.

A cheap and reliable way of loading up record-breaking numbers.

Here the question focuses on the “why” quotient that denominates the best Instagram strategy, which is summed up below:

  • Users are online any time of the day, given the wider audience base.
  • The scheduling of posts up to 30 times a day ensures every follower is targeted.
  • Does not necessitate everyone has to do the same.
  • Fashion Nova has marked their niche where the audience is excited to lap up fresh content.
  • This is fuelled by the faster turnover the brand engages in, culminating in tons of new styles.

A survey by Union Metrics concluded how frequent posting does not record any drop in engagement ratio.

Consistency Overrules Frequency

  • Consistency is dependent on business goals.
  • Dictated by time and effort to prioritize Instagram marketing efforts.
  • One that should not entail a slow transition from frequent posting per single day to posting per week.
  • The strategy must be following the frequency that one can keep up with.

Special Events or Promotional Posting

  • Product launches or special events can see a huge rise in frequency.
  • Where users tend to like the extra posts.
  • Relevant content posts do not noticeably change the Instagram engagement.
  • Users tend to be selective and tailor down pages or profiles to their liking, so few extra posts are always accepted.

Quality Vs. Quantity

  • Increasing the number of posts aids in the likelihood of the content being seen.
  • Any decline in the quality of the content leads to lower engagement as well as followers.
  • Hence maximum effort must be invested in guaranteeing the quality of the post.
  • Not posting just for the sake of posting.
  • If there is a dearth of good quality content, one can always switch over for a zero aesthetic mandated content right through Instagram Stories.

Asking Followers

For getting answers determining posting frequency, one can always ask. Below are some mentioned approaches:

  • Adding an Instagram poll.
  • The Instagram algorithm finds answers by reaching out to followers resulting in peaking engagement ratios.

Sticking to Average

  • The average posting rate per day for brands is close to 1.5 times.
  • Hence sticking to the basics is an achievable goal.
  • Multiple posts, on the other hand, are time-consuming.

Optimization of Instagram Strategy

  • Consistency is the key to maintaining Instagram engagement.
  • Scheduling posts assist in getting acquainted with the Instagram algorithm.
  • Thereby saving a lot of time.


The same Instagram strategy does not fit all. Hence it is necessitated to listen, test, and adjust. Thereby deciphering the perfect posting frequency for your business.

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