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Shop Instant Likes

Get your instant dose of likes for your desired Instagram posts.  You will see fast results, with our services starting up within 1-16 minutes of your purchase. No matter what your budget is, there is a package that will deliver for you.


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Shop Automatic Likes

Consider raising your Instagram fame and get automatic likes to every post you make (up to x3 per day!). This renewable package gets you constant Instagram engagement to your account, so choose the service that is right for you!

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Defined Statistics

Our team of social media experts have been managing Instagram accounts for over a decade. We want to extend our services to you!

with Professionals

Our team has 25+ years of social media marketing experience to help get you results.

Reach a
Massive Audience

2 Billion Users are active and are within you reach.


Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. DailyFollows has an incredible customer satisfaction rate of 98% (Based on of Customer Refund Requests)

Why DailyFollows?

Reaching Instagram stardom is a delicate process.  With 98% satisfaction rate, your instant dose of Instagram likes will be fast and cheap, with packages for every budget and need.

Is an Automatic Drip Available for Likes?

Everyone who buys our renewable package of Automatic Likes can select the Automatic Drip option. Post to your account worry-free, knowing that likes will be delivered to your account fast and automatically.

Will I Get Real-Time Results?

Yep. After receiving payment our services will kick in within 1-16 minutes, sending likes directly to your content!

Does Daily Follows Provide Ultra-High Quality?

Daily Follows delivers only the highest quality of likes and followers, with a 98% customer satisfaction rate to back us up! Additionally, our service lines can help you reach the Instagram explore page on Instagram further increasing your overall visibility.

How Cheap are Instant Likes?

Our packages suit every budget while always delivering  Instagram likes cheap and fast to your post. Quantity/Price

  • 50 - $1.00
  • 100 | $1.50
  • 200 - $2.85
  • 300 - $4.00
  • 500 - $6.50
  • 1000 - $12.50
  • 2500 - $29.00
  • 5000 - $60.00
  • 7500 - $80.00
  • 10000 - $100.00
  • 18,000 - $164.00
  • 20,000 - $180.00

Are there Flexible Packages Available?

Yes! Consider our renewable package of Automatic Likes, which will send instant likes to each post you make (up to x3 posts per day!).

Why Should I Buy Instagram Likes Cheap?

Buying Instagram likes quickly boosts your content's engagement and visibility!

Why Should I Buy Likes Instantly Instead of Automatically?

Buying Instant Likes gives your selected content a quick boost of engagement and visibility.

How Cheap are Automatic Likes?

Our packages suit every budget while always delivering quality automatic likes for Instagram! Quantity | Price

  • 50 | $24.00
  • 100 | $45.00
  • 250 | $109.00
  • 500 | $209.00
  • 1000 | $399.00
  • 1200 | $470.00


Direct Your Instagram to the Next Level!

Let us help you get fast success on Instagram. DailyFollows will help you get Instagram likes fast from followers that genuinely love the content you post!