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Our Instant Instagram Likes will give your posts a massive boost which will, in turn, increase your visibility and engagement on the platform. Engagement is the key to getting more followers, so this is one of our more popular services if you’re looking to buy Instagram likes.

Fast Likes From $0.89
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Direct Engagement

Enjoy fast engagement on every post you make, with a 1-16 minute start time! Delight in instant overall post visibility.

Automatic Likes

Once you have purchased the package, each post (up to three per day) will receive automatic likes!

Immediate Detection

Our advanced Immediate Post Detection 2.0 system can immediately detect your new uploads. So once you are subscribed, we will do all the hard work for you.

Money-Back Guarantee

Determined to deliver premium customer service, we offer a money-back guarantee if the services you ordered are not delivered.

Automatic Likes

This affordable and renewable automatic package has helped countless influencers boost their presence on Instagram with direct high-quality likes!

With this option, you will get automatic likes sent directly to each Instagram post you make (up to x3 posts per day!).

Automatic Likes are a direct and delightful way to boost your Instagram engagement. All you have to do is post—we will take care of the rest!

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DailyFollows You Can Trust

We understand that the reputation and performance of your Instagram account are important to you.

Our dedicated team of social media promotion experts has over 25 years of combined experience helping users like you. Let us dazzle you with our qualified and trusted services that will help you dominate Instagram stardom.

Offering Instagram likes, cheap Instagram followers, and Instagram views, we take pride in delivering quality customer service every single time.

Decide what package is right for you and start your journey towards Instagram fame today. You will see our services kick into action within minutes of purchasing!

Direct success has never been as easy as it is with DailyFollows.

Why DailyFollows?

Reaching Instagram stardom is a delicate process.  With a 98% satisfaction rate, your daily dose of Instagram likes will be fast and cheap with DailyFollows.

Why Should I Buy Instagram Likes?

Buying Instagram likes boosts your content's engagement and visibility fast! The average Instagram User only spends about 30 minutes per day on the app so it's very important to get more engagement so you can stand out in the clutter. We only offer high-quality likes!

How Much Do Instagram Likes Cost?

We offer affordable packages for all budgets that always deliver you likes directly to your content. Quantity - Price

  • 50- $1.00
  • 100- $1.50
  • 200-$2.85
  • 300-$4.00
  • 500-$6.50
  • 1000-$12.50
  • 2500- $29.00
  • 5000- $60.00
  • 7500 - $80.00
  • 10000- $100.00
  • 18,000- $164.00
  • 20,000 - $180.00

Do You Take Custom Orders?

Absolutely. If you don’t see the exact package that fits your needs, reach out to us and we can help create a custom package just for you.

How Do I Buy Instagram Likes from You?

It's easy! Determine the package you want and get instant likes to your desired post. Our services will kick in 1-16 minutes from the time you purchase.

Do You Accept Credit Cards?

Absolutely! We accept all major credit cards.

What are Automatic Likes?

Our Automatic Likes packages are packages that will automatically send likes to every post you make (up to x3 posts per day!) for the 30 days of service, with the option to repurchase and keep growing for as long as you want.

Is Buying Automatic Likes Better than Buying Them Manually?

We think so! Just select your package, point us to your profile, and enter your payment info. From there, you can sit back and watch likes roll in every time you post (up to x3 posts per day!).

Will I Get Banned for Buying Likes?

We've served thousands of customers for over a decade and never had a customer's account banned because of our services.


Direct Your Instagram to the Next Level!

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