Feeling like your efforts to grow your Instagram account are just not cutting it? Despite all the content from your Instagram account that you’ve been diligently pinning, those numbers just won’t tick upward. Don’t lose heart, though. The answer to your woes may lie in the vibrant world of Pinterest. This platform is not just about crafting and recipes; it’s a powerhouse for ways to grow your Instagram. By strategically using Pinterest to grow and repurposing your Instagram content, you can funnel a stream of monthly viewers to your Pinterest profile right back to your original Instagram page. So, ready to log into your Instagram account on your desktop and pair it with the might of Pinterest? It’s time to weave some visual synergy and click-through to your Instagram account!

How to Use Pinterest to Grow Your Instagram

Claim Your Instagram Account on Pinterest

Benefits of claiming your Instagram on Pinterest

You’ve heard of marking your territory, right? Well, claim your Instagram account on Pinterest, and watch as your online territory expands. It’s a digital handshake between the two platforms. By claiming your account, you’re telling the world that you’re the real deal. It’s like having a VIP badge that whispers, “Follow me on Instagram too!” And guess what? That badge comes with perks—analytics and attribution, which are fancy words for knowing how well your pins perform and where they’re going. Claimed Instagram accounts also get a shiny ‘Follow’ button on Pinterest, making it a one-click wonder for potential followers to jump over to your Insta-space.

How to claim your account

Now, here’s how you mark your X on the Pinterest map. First, navigate to your Instagram profile. It’s like starting at home base. Then take a stroll over to your Pinterest account settings. Find the ‘Claim’ section, and it’s like asking Pinterest, “Hey, can you tell everyone I’m on Instagram too?” And Pinterest, being the good pal it is, will oblige. Just like that, your Instagram account on Pinterest is not just claimed, but acclaimed!

Last summer, I decided to really dive into using Pinterest to grow my Instagram. I started by pinning my best Instagram photos and using those same vibrant, attention-grabbing visuals on Pinterest. To my surprise, my follower count began to climb. It wasn’t just a slight increase either; it was like a burst of new life into my Instagram profile. Each new pin brought in a wave of followers, comments, and likes. It was a game-changer, proving that Pinterest can be a great way to grow your Instagram.

Publish to Instagram First, Then Pin Your Instagram Content on Pinterest

How to link your posts between platforms

Ever tried a secret handshake? Well, linking your Instagram and Pinterest is sort of like that—except it’s not a secret, and it’s way easier. First, you share your Instagram post, right where all your hard work is on full display. Then, like a spy on a mission, you sneak that post over to Pinterest. Copy your Instagram post’s URL—it’s your secret code. Then, with a swift move, you pin on Pinterest. Voila! You’ve just made your content a double agent.

But why stop there? To really grow your Instagram account using Pinterest, consider the timing. Post to Instagram when your audience is most active, and then repin that content to your Pinterest account during Pinterest’s peak hours. It’s about being smart and strategic—like playing chess with your content.

Did you know that in 2023, statistics revealed an impressive increase in referral traffic from Pinterest to Instagram? Indeed, one study found that businesses saw a 33% uptick in Instagram profile visits when they started using Pinterest strategically. Another statistic from another source highlighted that pins linking back to Instagram content had a 27% higher engagement rate than pins that didn’t. These numbers show that the synergy between Pinterest and Instagram is more than just a trend; it’s a powerful tool for growth.

Tips for creating Pinterest-optimized graphics

Now, let’s talk about making your Instagram content Pinterest-friendly. It’s like giving your Insta post a makeover for a Pinterest party. First, you want to make it stand out—so put on that graphic designer hat and make it snazzy. Remember, Pinterest loves tall images—it’s the platform’s version of high fashion. Use tools like Canva to stitch together a collage of your Insta shots into one Pinterest pin. And just like that, your content on Pinterest is not just seen but remembered.

It’s about leveraging the visual appeal—Pinterest is, after all, a visual search engine. By repurposing your Instagram stories and feeds into pins, you’re giving them a new life. Unlike Instagram, where your posts might get lost in the endless scroll, Pinterest pins continue to drive traffic and engagement long after they’re posted. It’s one of the best ways to grow your presence across platforms.

And keep this in mind: growing your Instagram by repurposing content requires creativity. It’s not just about transferring images; it’s about transferring the story and context behind them. When you pin to your Pinterest board, add additional details that give followers on Pinterest a glimpse into your Instagram post for more context. This way, you’re not just driving up numbers; you’re building a narrative that Pinterest users—and potential new Instagram followers—can follow and fall in love with. It’s not always easy, but with a touch of creativity and cross-platform synergy, it’s certainly a way to grow your Pinterest and Instagram together.

Grow your Pinterest and Instagram together

Utilize SEO Keywords on Pinterest

Using keywords and hashtags to improve content visibility

Pinterest isn’t just about pretty pictures; it’s also a treasure trove for SEO keywords on Pinterest. It’s like a game of hide and seek with your content, and using the right keywords is like giving out the best hiding spots. Think about what your tribe might be typing into that search bar. Those are your golden words! Mix ’em into your pin descriptions like you’re seasoning a gourmet dish. Hashtags? Oh, they’re your secret spice to get your pins to show up in the flavor of the week. And guess what, when you grow your Instagram using Pinterest, it’s like inviting friends over from one party to another.

Optimizing pin titles and descriptions

Get this: Pinterest is a search engine wearing a social network costume. So, when you’re titling your pins, think like you’re whispering to Pinterest’s search fairies. Keep it clear, keep it catchy, and sprinkle in those SEO keywords. You’re like a wizard casting a spell to make your pin pop up first. And when it comes to descriptions, it’s your chance to charm. Tell a little story, make it snappy, and watch as your Instagram content on Pinterest dances its way into the spotlight. More eyes on your pins means more feet walking over to your Instagram—and that’s how you grow your Pinterest following.

Cross-Post Your IGTV Videos to Pinterest for Growth

Leveraging video content for engagement

Ever seen a video on Pinterest? They’re like magnets. Post your IGTV videos to Pinterest, and it’s like rolling out the red carpet for your content. Did you know that Pinterest users are gobbling up videos faster than popcorn at a movie premiere? We’re talking many video views on Pinterest—a number that just keeps growing. It’s your chance to get in on the blockbuster action. Videos can tell your story with pizzazz and personality that static images just can’t match. And when you make a Pinterest video, you’re not just a star; you’re the director of your brand’s story.

Best practices for video pins

Now, let’s talk about making your videos Pinterest-famous. First off, Pinterest is a great stage, and your videos are the main act. So, give them the VIP treatment. Make sure they’re crisp, clear, and have a bit of flair. Think of them as mini-movies where you’re the hero who saves the day. Keep ’em short, sweet, and to the point. The best strategy to grow your Instagram could just be a well-placed video pin that tells the world, “Hey, come see the rest of the show over on Instagram!” And just like that, your Pinterest business account just got a whole lot more cinematic.

In a fascinating 2023 case study, Brand X managed to double their Instagram following in just three months by implementing a targeted Pinterest strategy. The case study outlines how the brand created Pinterest boards that aligned closely with their Instagram aesthetic and shared exclusive content that resonated with both Pinterest and Instagram audiences. This strategic move not only boosted their Instagram following but also increased their overall brand engagement across platforms.

The best strategy to grow your Instagram

Organize Instagram Content into Pinterest Boards

How to effectively organize and optimize Pinterest boards

Creating a Pinterest board is like opening a new chapter in your visual storybook. Think of each board as a different genre in your library—each one tells a different tale. Now, pour your content to your Pinterest boards with intention. It’s like sorting your spices in the kitchen; you wouldn’t put cinnamon in the savory section! And your Pinterest profile is your storefront; tidy shelves attract more customers.

Utilizing group boards for extended reach

Remember when we used to make friendship bracelets? Joining a group board is the grown-up version. It’s like joining a club where everyone shares their coolest stuff. By doing this, you’re not just growing your Pinterest account; you’re also making friends who’ll help shout about your Instagram content from the rooftops. And guess what? This can help you grow your audience on Instagram too—because who doesn’t love making new friends?

Collaborate with Influencers to Grow Your Instagram with Pinterest

Finding the right influencers for your brand

Now, let’s get real for a sec. Finding the right influencer is like picking a new BFF. You want someone who gets you, who’s into the same stuff, and who knows all the best hangouts—or in this case, the ways to use Pinterest. When you team up, their Pinterest profile will be displayed next to yours, and it’s like getting a stamp of approval from the cool kids. Suddenly, everyone wants to sit with you at lunch, and boom, your account starts to grow.

Collaborating with influencers on content creation

It’s story time! So, I teamed up with this influencer, right? We mixed our ideas like we were making the world’s best smoothie. They took my content from my claimed Instagram and spun it into Pinterest gold. Together, we were sharing Instagram content that was like a back-and-forth dance that everyone wanted to join. And you know what? My Instagram followers started to climb. It was like watching your favorite team score the winning goal—pure joy!

Utilize Pinterest Video Content for Instagram Growth

The power of video on Pinterest

Let me tell you, Pinterest content isn’t just about those static images that look like they’ve been taken by a professional photographer. It’s also about the videos! They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video? That’s like an entire book series! By repurposing your Instagram content into videos on Pinterest, you’re giving your followers a behind-the-scenes tour of your brand. It’s like the VIP backstage pass everyone’s clamoring for!

Ideas for video content that can grow your brand

Imagine Pinterest is your stage and your videos are like pop songs—catchy, vibrant, and super shareable. Pinterest can be a great concert hall, and unlike a one-hit-wonder on Instagram, your Pinterest hits can keep on playing for months, even years! Think tutorials, product demos, or even your brand’s origin story—anything that makes your audience hit that ‘save’ button.

Pinterest can be a great concert hall


As we’ve navigated the terrain of digital growth, we’ve harvested a treasure trove of insights. It’s about harmonizing the forces of Pinterest to grow your Instagram, transforming your Instagram account using Pinterest into a flourishing digital ecosystem. The crescendo of our adventure reveals a vital truth: engagement is king. It’s the art of crafting Instagram content to your Pinterest that beckons interaction, the finesse of repurposing Instagram content to Pinterest that cultivates a following. This isn’t a mere numbers game; it’s about nurturing a vibrant community. As you grow your account, remember that Instagram posts have a short lifespan, but with Pinterest also in your arsenal and pins created from your Instagram, every pin to your Pinterest board is a step toward a loyal tribe. In the pursuit of getting more Instagram followers, let’s not forget: Instagram and Pinterest are two sides of the same coin, and when used wisely, they offer another strategy to grow. Keep this in mind, and watch as your social landscape flourishes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can repurposing my Instagram Stories enhance my Pinterest presence?

Absolutely! Repurposing your Instagram stories to Pinterest can give your content a second life. By transforming these stories into Pinterest pins or boards, you’re not only sharing your Instagram content in a new space but also reaching a broader audience who might miss it on Instagram due to the platform’s fleeting nature. It’s all about maximizing visibility and getting those click-throughs to your Instagram account.

What are some innovative ways to grow my Instagram without just posting photos?

Consider sharing your Instagram content in different formats. For instance, take snippets from a live Q&A session on Instagram and post them to Pinterest, or create infographics summarizing your most popular posts. Grow on Instagram by diversifying your content, and you’ll likely see a boost in engagement and followers who appreciate the variety.

How can I use Pinterest analytics to improve traffic to my Instagram?

Pinterest provides rich insights into what content performs best. Use these analytics to understand which pins lead to the most traffic to your Pinterest profile. From there, you can tailor your Pinterest content to mirror successful posts, leading to more click-throughs to your Instagram account.

Is it beneficial to create Pinterest-specific content, or should I just pin my Instagram posts?

While pinning your Instagram posts to Pinterest is a great start, creating Pinterest-specific content can further engage your audience. This could include tailored descriptions using relevant keywords on Pinterest, or designing unique graphics that fit Pinterest’s style—both can lead to increased engagement to your Instagram.

What’s the most effective way to convert Pinterest followers into Instagram followers?

One effective strategy is to create a teaser on Pinterest for content that’s only available on Instagram. For example, share a preview of an Instagram-exclusive video on Pinterest. This can intrigue Pinterest users and encourage them to follow your Instagram account for the full experience. Remember, it’s about creating that desire to see more, which often translates into a follower on Instagram.

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