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  • Using several platforms to promote and build your followers can help you have a broader audience.
  • Pinterest is the new platform of interest for most people who like to collect and view beautiful pictures. The platform itself has a lot of added benefits, like growing your Instagram with the help of Pinterest.
  • dailyfollows.com is the best place to get services like getting high-quality followers and viewers on your Instagram.

Instagram gives you insights and access to several details to help your account grow and gain more followers. Sometimes you need little more push than just the Instagram insights as a reference to increasing followers since it has become difficult in the recent era. However, if you claim your Instagram account on Pinterest it will give you access to a more efficient and robust Pinterest analytics, that is, data for all the actions taken on your pins across Pinterest, as well as attribution on pins originating from Instagram. Pinterest helps drive more traffic to your Instagram account. You can claim your Instagram account your Pinterest profile will be displayed on Pins made from content on your Instagram. Other than just growing high-quality followers with the help of dailyfollows.com, there is a way to improve your Instagram with Pinterest.

1. Claim Your Instagram Account on Pinterest

  • Pinterest analytics are beneficial.
  • When you claim your Instagram account on Pinterest, it drives more traffic from your Pinterest to your Instagram.
  • With claiming your Instagram account, your Pinterest profile will be showing up on any Pins created from any of your Instagram content.
  • Thus, when anybody creates a Pin taking content from your Instagram account, it will show your profile picture and follow button on that Pin.
  • There is an increase in monthly viewers and click-throughs to your Instagram account from Pinterest.
  • Claiming your Instagram account on Pinterest will engage people for a longer time as compared to Instagram alone as people can watch others’ Pins and get tracked to your account.
  • The cross-platform posting is a beneficial step to grow followers.

2. First, post on Instagram and then Pin to Pinterest

  • If you want to drive people to your Instagram account via Pinterest, publish posts on Instagram and then Pin it to your relevant boards on Pinterest.
  • To do this the correct way, log into the Instagram account on desktop/laptop.
  • Then, click on an image to open it. Grab the URL of the post and pin it to your Pinterest board.
  • Curate the best-looking images/posts from your Instagram on Pinterest to keep it best in terms of quality than quantity.
  • Posts with infographics, visuals with text overlays as well as recipes work very well on Pinterest.
  • Always consider creating a Pinterest-optimised graphic to all the images together in one picture.
  • Pin this image on your board. Do not forget to link this back to your original Instagram post to give a chance to viewers to get more context on the caption of your Instagram post.

3. Use Pinterest SEO to boost your Instagram

  • Pinterest can also become an SEO machine when utilised confidently as it is a visual search engine.
  • Add relevant keywords of your Pinterest that specify your business and are in alignment with what the target audience looks for. Also, create content that has these related keywords.
  • The Pin title itself is the best place to include the SEO keywords as they help your post be relevant to what the audience searches for.
  • The keywords should also be included in the hashtags and Pin description.
  • The high-traffic Pins include 3-5 hashtags and 5-10 keywords.
  • Check out how you can get more high-quality followers with the help of dailyfollows.com to get your daily dose of Instagram fame as well as drive traffic to your Instagram profile.

4. Cross-Post the IGTV Videos to Pinterest

  • Videos always are the most effective tools to engage people.
  • Pinterest is a platform where videos perform effectively with the exponential growth of views.
  • It is caused by the Video Pins that authorise and permit brands and businesses to share content in various forms making the platform exceptionally fun.
  • Users have been analysed to find that they save video Pins very often on their boards which other people get to see.
  • Repurpose your IGTV videos to be Pinterest-specific.
  • Pinterest videos have a maximum length of 15 minutes. Trim the video if it is longer than that.

5. Share Instagram stories as Pins

  • Download your Instagram story first.
  • Edit and remove any elements like ‘swipe-up’ CTAs or stickers as they won’t be clickable on Pinterest.
  • Upload this video to Pinterest.
  • It will enable you to develop a deeper connection with viewers on Pinterest, and they will redirect to your Instagram for more context.

How to Use Pinterest to Grow Your Instagram Traffic

Thus, using Pinterest is the best idea to drive more audience from Pinterest to your Instagram posts with the help of the above tips. Always remember that you shall develop a connection with your followers instead of just posting content. You can do this by posting helpful and creative posts that will draw them to learn more from you on more than one platform.

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