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  • Use Instagram to effectively to drive sales of your products with the perfect shopping posts.
  • This guide will help you take a look at how to set up Instagram shopping posts and convert all your followers and non-followers into your customers.
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It has been found that over 130 million users each month tap on several Instagram shopping posts to get more knowledge about the products. Instagram, after introducing the new shopping feature, it has enabled a lot of businesses to run successfully in terms of promotion and sales. Numerous features are helping small to big brands enhance and grow their businesses. We are going to delve into the various ways of using several such beautiful features to make the shopping posts effective in imagery, captions, and sales pitches hitting the spot.

What are Instagram Shopping Posts?

  • It is very easy to purchase with the Instagram Shopping posts as they allow the products to be found effortlessly by viewing tagged products in posts.
  • You get the scope as a brand or a business to introduce your products to more than 500 million users every single day using the shoppable posts.

1. Instagram Shopping Feed Posts

  • One can tag up to 5 products. After setting up Instagram Shopping, tag your products in the images to the store catalogue.
  • The above step enables the brand to create a shopping experience for the followers as well as the entire product line.
  • Make sure that your products are maintaining aesthetic along with the theme of your Instagram.
  • Always double-check the tag links of the shopping products.
  • Space out the tagging evenly to make it look neat.
  • Also, use hashtags that are searchable or followable.
  • Also, user-generated contents (UGC) are a great way to promote and pull in more followers in your shoppable posts to show it as a testimony.

2. Instagram Shopping Carousel Posts

  • You can also tag your products to carousel posts to make the feed more shoppable.
  • Tag up to 20 products in the pictures to make the showcasing of your products easy, fast, as well as holistic to show your entire product line through images that serve as a look book.
  • It would be best if you made sure that the images are all high-quality, taken from product shoots.
  • The posts will appear to your viewers as they will tap on the shopping bag icon on the profile directing them to all the tagged products on your feed.

3. Instagram Stories with Tagged Products

  • Both consumers and businesses use Instagram simultaneously to maintain an ecosystem enabling to help each other.
  • Instagram stories are a very useful element to drive sales with the swipe up to shop option.
  • You can also use shopping stickers on stories, even for small businesses with less than 10.000 followers.

4. Instagram AR Filters with Tagged Products

  • The augmented reality filters are creating a stir on Instagram and are very popular among users.
  • Instagram released a new AR shopping feature as well. One can tryon products digitally on their smartphones before purchasing, enabling a sci-fi world to the consumers!
  • An array of cosmetic products, even lens and glasses are being shopped with the exciting ‘try on’ AR filters as the trial method before purchasing.

How to Set Up Instagram Shopping For Your Account:

  • Convert your account to a business account first.
  • Also, see if the requirements of Instagram are being met by your business and your account to acquire the shopping features.
  • Instagram ensures to allow the feature to genuine e-commerce brands and retailers.
  • The requirements are that you must be located in one of the approved 46 locations.
  • The business account should be primarily to sell goods and promote your products.
  • There should be no age restrictions in your country when your Facebook business page is connected to your Instagram account.
  • The next plan of action is to connect your Instagram business profile to the Facebook catalogue for your products.
  • Add a shop section on your Facebook page and change the page template as well.
  • Use a product catalogue on the business manager account of Facebook linked to your Instagram business profile.
  • Your account gets reviewed here by Instagram, and then you can post to Instagram with product tags with each post where a tag products option appears.

How to Promote and Sell More with Instagram Shopping

Thus, with these tips, you can easily set up and create shoppable posts for your business no matter how big or small it is. Make sure you keep track of your InstagramInsights to understand what works and what doesn’t. It will help you post a specific type of content more that is getting more attention. Other than that, dailyfollows.com is the best place to get hold of high-quality followers, viewers, and likes.

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