In today’s digital age, Instagram has become a powerful tool for businesses and influencers to drive traffic and engage with their audience. One of the most effective ways to do this is by adding clickable links in stories. This feature allows users to direct their followers to external websites, blogs, or any desired URL, enhancing their social media strategy. Whether you want to add a link to your Instagram story to promote a new blog, drive sales, or increase website traffic, this comprehensive guide will show you how to do it effortlessly.

How to add clickable links in instagram stories

What Are Instagram Link Stickers?

Instagram Link Stickers are a versatile tool that allows users to add clickable links directly to their Stories. This feature replaces the old “Swipe Up” option and provides a more interactive way to engage your audience. By placing a link sticker on your story, you can drive traffic to your website, blog, or any other external URL.

How to Use Instagram Link Stickers

Using Instagram Link Stickers is simple. First, ensure you have access to this feature, as it is available to all users regardless of follower count or verified account status. Open the Instagram app and create a new story by taking a photo or video or selecting one from your gallery. Tap the link icon in the top right corner, then enter your desired URL. Customize the text if you wish, and place the sticker anywhere on your story. Make sure it’s visible and enticing to encourage your followers to click the link.

Designing Effective Instagram Link Stickers

An effective Instagram Link Sticker should be visually appealing and strategically placed. Use bold colors and clear text to ensure it stands out against your story’s background. Consider using a custom sticker design to match your brand’s aesthetic. Placing it in a prominent location, such as the center of the screen or near a call-to-action, can significantly increase your click-through rates. Additionally, you can use the Instagram analytics tool to track the performance of your link stickers and make necessary adjustments to optimize engagement.

Step-by-Step Guide to Adding a Link to Your Instagram Story

Adding a clickable link to your Insta Story is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through it.

Opening the Instagram App

To begin, open the Instagram app on your mobile device. Make sure you are logged into your Instagram account. Once logged in, navigate to the home screen where you can see your feed.

Using the Link Sticker to Add a URL

  1. Create a New Story: Tap the camera icon at the top left of your screen or swipe right from anywhere in the feed. This will open the story creation interface.
  2. Take or Upload a Photo/Video: Capture a new photo or video, or select one from your gallery. This will serve as the background for your story.
  3. Access the Link Sticker: Tap the sticker icon at the top of the screen. This looks like a square smiley face.
  4. Add Your URL: Select the Link Sticker from the available options. Enter the URL you want to share in the provided field. You can customize the text to make it more engaging.
  5. Place the Sticker: Drag the link sticker to your desired location on the story. You can pinch to resize it and place it where it’s most visible and likely to be clicked by your followers.
  6. Share Your Story: Once you’re satisfied with your story, tap the “Your Story” button at the bottom of the screen to share it with your followers.

By following these steps, you can effectively add a link to your Story, making it easy for your audience to access external content directly from your story.

Best Practices for Adding Links to Instagram Stories

To maximize the effectiveness of your Stories on Instagram and ensure your audience engages with your links, follow these best practices.

Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Using Instagram Stories to drive traffic to your website requires strategic planning. Here are some tips to help you:

  1. Engaging Content: Ensure that the content you share in your story is engaging and relevant to the link you are promoting. This could be a teaser for a new blog post, a product highlight, or an announcement.
  2. Clear Call to Action: Use a clear call to action (CTA) to encourage viewers to click the link. Phrases like “Swipe up to learn more,” “Tap the link for details,” or “Visit our site for more” can be very effective.
  3. Consistent Branding: Keep your branding consistent across your stories and your website. This helps build trust and recognition with your audience.

When I first started using Insta Stories for my small business, I was unsure how to effectively drive traffic to my website. I decided to experiment with the new link sticker feature. By creating engaging and visually appealing stories with clear call-to-action prompts, I noticed a significant increase in website visits. The ability to add a direct link in my stories made it easier for my followers to explore my products and services without leaving the app.

Use a clear call to action (CTA)

Post Links That Engage Your Audience

When posting links in your Instagram Stories, consider the following to increase engagement:

  1. Tease the Content: Give your audience a reason to click the link by teasing the content. Use a short video or a captivating image to hint at what they will find if they click the link.
  2. Use Interactive Elements: Incorporate interactive elements like polls, questions, or countdowns in your stories to make them more engaging. This can make viewers more likely to click on your link.
  3. Highlight Limited-Time Offers: If you’re promoting a sale or a limited-time offer, highlight this urgency to encourage immediate action.

By implementing these best practices, you can effectively use Stories to drive traffic and engage with your audience.

As an influencer, I constantly look for ways to engage my audience and promote my content. Using the link sticker in my Stories has been a game-changer. I recently launched a new blog series and used the link sticker to direct my followers to each new post. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and I saw a noticeable spike in blog traffic. The convenience of the link sticker allowed my audience to access my content seamlessly.

How to Drive More Traffic with Instagram Stories

Leveraging IG Stories effectively can significantly increase traffic to your website or blog. Here are some strategies to maximize your reach and engagement.

Using Instagram Stories to Drive Traffic

Instagram Stories are a powerful tool for directing users to your site. Here’s how to use them effectively:

  1. Regular Posting: Consistency is key. Posting stories regularly keeps your audience engaged and reminds them to check your content frequently.
  2. Interactive Stickers: Use interactive stickers such as polls, quizzes, and question boxes to engage viewers. This interaction can make them more likely to click your link sticker.
  3. Behind-the-Scenes Content: Share behind-the-scenes content that gives a personal touch. This type of content can build a stronger connection with your audience, encouraging them to click on your links.

According to a 2023 report by Statista, 58% of Instagram users say they are more interested in a brand after seeing it in Stories. This highlights the importance of using Stories as a marketing tool to boost brand awareness and engagement.

Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Website via Instagram Stories

Here are additional tips to help drive more traffic to your website through Instagram Stories:

  1. Highlight Stories: Use the “Highlights” feature to save important stories that contain links. This way, new followers can access them even after 24 hours.
  2. Collaborations and Shoutouts: Collaborate with other influencers or brands to reach a broader audience. A shoutout from a popular account can direct more users to your story and, consequently, your links.
  3. Compelling Visuals: High-quality visuals can grab attention. Use attractive images or videos to make your story stand out and entice viewers to click on the link.

By following these strategies, you can effectively use Insta Stories to drive traffic to your website, increase engagement, and build a stronger online presence.

Tips to help drive more traffic to your website

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To further enhance your Instagram marketing strategy, explore these related articles that offer additional insights and tips on maximizing your Instagram presence.

More Ways to Use Instagram Stories Effectively

There are numerous ways to utilize Instagram Stories to boost your marketing efforts:

  1. Story Highlights: Create Story Highlights to showcase important content beyond the 24-hour limit. This can include product features, testimonials, or key announcements.
  2. User-Generated Content: Encourage your followers to create content related to your brand and share it in your stories. This not only provides authentic content but also engages your audience.
  3. Instagram Takeovers: Allow influencers or other team members to take over your Stories for a day. This can bring fresh perspectives and attract their followers to your account.

A survey conducted in 2023 revealed that 70% of marketers plan to increase their use of Insta Stories over the next year due to its effectiveness in driving traffic and engaging audiences.

Other Methods to Drive Traffic Using Instagram

Beyond stories, there are other effective methods to drive traffic from Instagram:

  1. Link in Bio: Utilize the link in your bio to direct followers to important pages. Regularly update this link to reflect your current promotions or content.
  2. Instagram Ads: Invest in Instagram Ads to reach a larger audience. Ads can include clickable links that direct users to your website or landing page.
  3. Instagram Feed Posts: Incorporate call-to-action phrases in your Instagram feed posts to encourage followers to check the link in your bio or visit your story for more information.

These additional resources and strategies will help you leverage Instagram’s full potential to drive traffic and enhance your online presence.

In 2023, a popular fashion brand, Everlane, successfully utilized Instagram Stories to launch a new product line. By incorporating engaging visuals and interactive elements like polls and countdowns, Everlane directed users to their website through link stickers. The campaign resulted in a 25% increase in website traffic and a 15% boost in sales within the first week of the product launch.

Using Instagram Stories to add clickable links is an essential strategy for driving traffic


Using Instagram Stories to add clickable links is an essential strategy for driving traffic, engaging your audience, and enhancing your overall social media presence. By utilizing link stickers, creating engaging content, and following best practices, you can effectively direct your followers to your website or blog. Regularly updating your stories and leveraging interactive elements can further boost engagement and click-through rates. Additionally, exploring related articles and additional methods for using Instagram can provide you with a comprehensive approach to your Instagram marketing strategy. Start implementing these tips today to see a significant increase in traffic and engagement on your Instagram account.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I add a link to an Instagram Story?

To add a link to a Story, create a new story and tap the link icon in the top right corner. Enter the desired URL and place the link sticker on your story. This allows viewers to click the link and be directed to the external page.

Can I share multiple links in my Instagram Story?

Currently, Instagram allows users to add only one link sticker per story. However, you can share multiple links across multiple stories or use a service like to consolidate multiple links into a single link in your bio.

How do I get access to the link sticker on Instagram?

The link sticker is available to all Instagram users, regardless of follower count or verification status. Simply update your Instagram app to the latest version to access this feature.

What are the best practices for Instagram link sticker design?

Ensure your link sticker is visible and engaging by using bold colors and clear text. Place it strategically on your story where viewers are likely to notice it. Customize the sticker text to create a compelling call to action.

How can I add a link in the bio section of my Instagram profile?

To add a link in the bio section, go to your Instagram profile, tap “Edit Profile,” and enter your desired URL in the “Website” field. This link will appear in your bio and can be updated as needed.

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