Executive Summary:

  • Instagram Archive feature helps the user to be more creative and experimental.
  • This feature helps you hide the posts that you no longer want your audience to see.
  • Archive feature can help you with enhancing the outlook of your Instagram profile in many ways.

Instagram has updated itself with the Archive feature. You can try new themes and check them out without needing to keep them forever and not delete them.

You hide them from the rest, while it gets stored in the Archive section of Instagram. And if that mood permits, you can still bring them back to the feed. The best part is that archiving and unarchiving has got no limit!

Moreover, the pictures from 2013 must be hurting the outlook of the Instagram feed.  So why not hide them rather than deleting them?

How does the Instagram archive work?

You can think of it and use the feature as the private posts sections. Nobody can see them except you. Not until you unarchive them back, which you may do anytime you want.

To start using the Instagram Archive feature, follow the steps:

  • Reach the post that you no longer want others to see.
  • On the right side, on the top, you’ll come across an ellipsis button. Tap on it.
  • The tap will open up the ‘Archive’ option along with other options.

After this, you will see that the post has been sent to the Archive gallery located with a clock button in the menu of the profile.

Whenever you have the feeling of bringing the photo back to the feed, you can do so without pain by following the steps below:

  • Reach to the Archive gallery, and then the post that you want to put out again finally.
  • On the ellipsis button itself, you will see an option that reads ‘show on profile.’ Tap it, and that’s it.

How to use Instagram archives for your own Instagram strategy?

The archive feature, which looks pretty simple, is more than just a privacy feature. You can use the feature as a tool to enhance your Instagram (obviously, if you know the secrets).

Below are the archive feature hacks that you may have never thought of:

Hack 1: Hiding the post before an announcement.

  • Yes, it works. You can upload something and then immediately send it to the archive. Trust it or not, most influencers do it. This strategy is indeed great for Instagram influencers and small businesses to use before their significant drop.
  • Also, being an influencer means you need a fair amount of audience. There are many perks why you should buy them, some of which include – authenticity appearing reasonable, and giving a good impression!
  • When a profile looks genuine, people are automatically convinced to follow them. Likewise, a good first impression is made regarding the influencers. With followers, you can also buy few likes

Hack 2: improving the aesthetic of the feed.

  • Take time to analyze your Instagram profile. With great attention, figure out which particular post should go in exchange for a better feed. Let it go and once again see if that worked to give you a better feed.
  • In case the remark you have is a bit unsatisfactory, unarchive and proceed with the next post. You can do this uncountable times and get an ideal feed at the end.

Hack 3: hiding the unwanted posts.

  • There’s always something or another that one doesn’t want to keep longer for others to see. In such a case, archiving is a great solution. Archiving is better than deleting because you don’t know when you’ll want to see that particular post back again included in the feed.
  • Archiving is indeed great, since that old post may be injecting a bad overview- which you don’t want! But because old pictures come with several memories as well, deleting them is not prompted.


Remember when Taylor was minutes away from releasing her ‘look what you made me do’ song? Her staff had made sure the feed was empty. This intensified her audience and celebrity media. But the tea was fun!

There are many more such examples of this creative idea. You delete posts, but you don’t delete them at the same time.

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